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Un scouted?

2009-09-08 20:14:22 by jickey23

Somewhere along the line my scouted art status was removed. Yes, I did have one post removed due to not following the rules, which is all fine and dandy. BUT, it was only one piece, it was removed and I let it be. Frankly, I would have liked a message from a mod telling me WHY I was "un-scouted". Most of my art had high scores actually. ( Not that you can tell now :-\ )
Ive been doing digital art for about 4 years, the last few I'd like to think I started doing rather well. I think that they should at least send you a courtesy message along the lines of, "Your art sucks", or "You broke the rules frequently". I had not added any art in some time, which makes me scratch my head. Can you be "un-scouted" for just not submitting often enough? Oh well. I hope you all die in a forest fire.


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2009-09-08 20:19:12

Some mods got phished man. They fucked with the art portal, deleted a bunch of shit, unscouted everyone and posted a bunch of dicks in the featured art section. Where he fuck have you been.