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Strangely Familiar

Sort of reminds me of rather good for some reason.

PhrozenSolid has a point.

I did find the repetition of the kick and other animations rather boring. There was a few moves where i was like...."hey...that was KIND of cool" Also...You used the same camera angle the entire time. YAWN. Show it through the white or black stick figures eyes, maybe top down....anything but flat on side...borrring. I'm just glad you didn't have a "matrix" bullet dodge rip off. Fluid animation, needs work though.

Getting better

The dialog in this one was a step above the other two. By the way, i have the sudden urge to go and buy a year subscription to playboy. Do you get commission?If so do they pay you in porn?

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pittyful but so much potential

i love horror puzzlers, but the items are too buggy to enjoy this, and the sounds could use some work...i had a problem with the power cable dissipating and not being able to use the computer again, so i just sort of gave up...and the creepy little girl is totally over used in horror...something more orginal maybe as the antagonist?

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I need to get me a PSP!

Spot on mate!

Did a great job of imitating their sound and still making it your own. Need Vocoder though ;-)

Rock on!

Wonderful arrangement and nice guitar playing. It still wasnt 100% though. I dunno if its your guitar playing or what, which is good, but i still think you could have pushed this one to the next level.

Sonofkirk responds:

Thanks for the criticism, it always helps. I don't know either, I did my best. Glad you dug it though :)

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Why is this on the art portal? Its an avatar. -.-
Is this pixel art? Hand drawn?
If so i give it a 4/10.

purefey responds:

Uhh. It's art, you derp. I drew it. I made her blink. Hand drawn.

Tee hee

Reminds me of John Kricfalusi.

Yes! Yes!

Very well. I love how you take normal objects and turn them into something extraordinary and fantasy like. More like the first two. Keep it up.

I dabble in music, digital art, fine art, programming, design, so on and so forth. A jack of all trades, master of none.


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