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Entry #3

Noticed something new on the audio portal.

2010-07-27 05:58:43 by jickey23

I noticed this posted at the bottom of the audio submission page for reveiws.

"If you are giving this submission a low score, please offer constructive criticism that will be useful to the artist. The review space is not a place for you to act like a total asshole. If your review is found to be mean, offensive, or generally not helpful, you will be banned and your account may be terminated. NOTE: Any attempt to promote an outside, unrelated website in this space will result in the deletion of your user account."

This is awesome! Not that newgrounds is that serious about banning people for zero bombing, but its a step towards this place to become a REAL place for artists to review each others work, instead of a bunch of 12 year old twits up voting video game remixes that suck and bombing anything that isnt stereotypical 4/4 dance music. Dont get me wrong, i don't all ways write reviews when i vote, but if its anything other than a 3 i think it deserves at least a sentence or two. I love newgrounds, i really do, but sometimes i wonder about the majority of its users....



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